Virtual Vehicle

Vehicle Repair Animations

Virtual Vehicle allows you to better understand why our recommendations are necessary to keep your vehicles on the road worry-free.

Virtual Vehicle

You probably have heard the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words". In our case "A video is worth a thousand words". Welcome to Virtual Vehicle, a program that provides you with a clear understanding of why a service or repair is necessary or recommended, what symptoms you may be experiencing due to a particular issue, and how your service technician can fix the problem.

Virtual Vehicle is an online support program that TECHNET PROFESSIONAL AUTOMOTIVE SERVICEĀ® centers use to simplify the communication between the service advisor and you!

You no longer have to worry about understanding the complexity of today's vehicles or the language most often used to describe what is required to service your vehicle. Using simplified animations, Virtual Vehicle displays vehicle parts and systems to illustrate over 350 of the most common customer vehicle concerns.

With Virtual Vehicle, your service advisor can show you why a timing belt needs to be replaced or what effect warped brake rotors have on ride quality or even why fuel injectors need to be cleaned. More importantly, Virtual Vehicle illustrates what may happen when recommended services are not performed in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's maintenance schedule.

Vehicle Systems 

Virtual Vehicle is not just for the repair shop. Using the videos below you too can use Virtual Vehicle to learn more about the many systems found in your vehicle. Simply scroll through the 15 different vehicle systems and click play to learn more about the complexities of modern automobiles and the importance of having your vehicle serviced by a TECHNET PROFESSIONAL AUTOMOTIVE SERVICEĀ® center.